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These pages were previously located at but I'm now moving all my RISC OS articles to this website, which is a central repository for all things RISC OS.

Networking your computer and getting it to 'talk' to other computers or a broadband/ADSL router is one of those tasks which can be quite a confusing minefield if you're not entirely sure of what you should be doing. There are also several ways of achieving the same result, which can complicate matters to the novice or beginner. The pages in this section are aimed at the non technical reader who wants to network their RISC OS based computer with the minimum of fuss.
If there's anything you don't understand, or you think the instructions given here are still too complicated, then please feel free to email me and we'll endeavour to improve these pages.

Getting Started

Connecting to other types of computer

Using Broadband/ADSL via RISC OS

Generic Help & Support

Guides for various Internet Suites

Links to other RISC OS networking pages

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