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RISC OS Hardware Currently Available

RISC OS has been optimised for the highly efficient ARM (Advanced RISC Machine) processors. Originally it required a dedicated motherboard and processor to run on, but is now supported under hardware emulation.

It will run on ARM processors, from the ARM 3 up to and including StrongARM processors. The very latest RISC OS 5 will run on the new XScale processors from Intel.

If you would like to run RISC OS and its extensive applications, the following manufacturers all produce hardware capable of running RISC OS. If you are interested in getting RISC OS to run on your own hardware design, please contact RISCOS Ltd.

Advantage Six Limited
PO Box 183, Oldham, OL2 8FB
01706 848744
info at
Advantage 6

Developers of the A75, a rugged ARM based computer designed to be used in an industrial environment, and the new A9 miniature ARM9 powered RISC OS computer. This is the smallest RISC OS based computer ever made, only measuring 1.72" x 8.5" x 10"

Castle Technology Limited
8 Britannia House, Bentwaters Business Park, Rendlesham, IP12 2TW
Tel:0870 383 4543
Fax:0870 705 8879
sales at
Castle Technology

Late in 2002, Castle announced the most exciting new computer in history: the Iyonix. A super-fast, super-quiet XScale-based PC, equipped with industry-standard PCI slots, USB interfaces and a nVidia GeForce graphics card.

The Iyonix is currently the fastest and most powerful RISC OS based computer available and is the recommended machine for anyone considering switching to RISC OS for their computing needs.

ExpLAN Computers Limited
Tavistock, Devon
01822 613 868
info at
ExpLAN Computers Ltd

ExpLAN have been developing the Solo, a transportable computer. Designed to withstand the most arduous of climates, and able to operate on just about any sensible power source, it has a power consumption of under 10 watts! The production units are to run Linux, whilst the earlier prorotype work was done under RISC OS.. Its new ARM-9 pre-production requires a fully 32-bit OS. Whilst this could theoretically include RISC OS, no work is currently being undertaken in this direction by the development consortium.

Microdigital Limited
Shipley, West Yorkshire
01274 618 774
sales at

Microdigital announced what could become a contender to the Iyonix as the fastest RISC OS machine: the Omega, which was originally due for release in 2003.
A few people have taken delivery of the machine, but reported hardware problems and a lack of communication from Microdigital seems to have stalled development.

RiscStation Limited
Tyldesley, Manchester
01942 797 777
info at

CTA/RiscStation developed a range of desktop RISC OS based machines using the ARM7500 processor.

Links to information on older RISC OS/ARM-based Hardware
  · Bush Internet box IBX-100 - Richard Murray's comprehensive set-top box resource site.

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