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A List of RISC OS Orientated Companies

We aim to provide a comprehensive listing of RISC OS orientated companies and suppliers. If you would like to recommend another RISC OS company, please contact us.

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Abacus Training - distributors for FireWorkz and Pipedream packages

Advanced RISC Machines (ARM) - the guys who design the processors

Advantage Six - RISC OS based computer manufacturers and producers of the A6 and A9 range of computers.

The Advisory Unit for Computers in Education - educational software like Weather Reporter

Aleph One - PC second processor cards

Alsystems - SCSI cards, discs, CDROMs etc

APDL - a PD library that also distributes many commercial titles

Arachne Software - general software including molecular modelling

ARMage Software - many titles including educational software like a microprocessor simulator

The ARM club - software includes Game-On and Strong Guard, to allow older software to run on new machines

Archive Magazine - Monthly magazine specialising in RISC OS reviews and articles

Artex Software - games and entertainment software

Atomic Software - producers of mainly physics and chemistry software

Atomwide - networking hardware

Avie Electronics - hardware and repairs


David Buck - author of RiscCAD CAD package


Castle Technology - distributors and licensed manufacturers of Acorn computers, SCSI cards, and hardware generally

Cherisha - offer many products including expert systems

CJE Micros- They have "everything in stock"

Crick Software educational software like Clicker, a program launcher

Cumana - SCSI cards, CD ROMs and other storage hardware


Dalriada Data Technology - DTP specialists, products include WebSpider and TableMate

Data Store - authors of FontFX and ShapeFX

Datawave Netherland - RISC OS Distributor of RISC OS 4 & RISC OS 5 Computers, RISC OS Hardware Peripherals, Home Cinema Equipment - DVD Moviebox

Desktop Projects - network specialists, authors of QuickTile

Dial Solutions - authors of the Appolonius CAD package

DoggySoft - many products including Termite Internet

Jon Duddington - author of Pluto e-mail suite and Speak, speech synthesizer


Economatics - educational software with a practical theme

Eesox - Artworks Pressure tool and CDFast cache software

Electronic Font Foundry (EFF) - professional quality fonts and font conversion software

eQ - eQ will soon provide both software and computers...

Etc Systems - RISC OS dealer in the North Midlands & Yorkshire.

ExpLAN - producers of Holy Bible software and various printer drivers.

Expressive Software Projects - midi and music software


Feldner and Braun - produce mainly scientific software like Praktikum, but also utilities like LayerFS

Finnybank - Publishers of Qercus magazine and FD Games

Fourth Dimension - primarily games



H S Software - educational and education support software like SENstore and NStore


Icon Technology - authors of the Easiwriter and Techwriter wordprocessors

Image Software - producers of EBMS business software

Inclusive Technology - educational and special needs software

Intelligent Interfaces - hardware developers and authors of a Fortran compiler

Iota - many packages including Complete Animator and Image Outliner



Kang Software - various utilities including Barcode, the barcode generation system


Le Computer - early learning software like Matrix

Liquid Silicon - authors of MelIDI MIDI software and BarCoder


MW Software - Artworks2 and Artworks plugins like HatchPro

Microlynx - authors of TopCat thin client technology.

Mijas Software - products include Duplex for double sided laser printing

Millipede Electronic Graphics - designers of industrial graphics systems and a new high-end RISC OS computer


Navaho Internet Servers - WWW server software


Octopus Systems - producers of Caller Display and other business solutions

Oregan Networks - Developers of the Oregano web browser

No Frills Hosting - Cheap no frills hosting company.

Orpheus Internet Services - Acorn friendly ISP who can supply broadband and dialup solutions as well as domain registration and RISC OS compatible web hosting.


Partis Computing - the new owners of Alsystems

Pepperfish - RISC OS friendly web hosting

David Pilling Software - a wide variety of of software inlcuding the Ovation Pro DTP package

Pineapple Software - producers of Studio24Pro graphics package and Killer virus protection

Precedence Technology - netstation solution providers


Quantum Software - many titles including the Impressive tool bar for Impression and Undelete disc rescue


RComp - games, graphics and internet specialists

RESOURCE - multimedia educational software

Reflex Electronics - Acorn hardware repairs

RISC OS Ltd - the guys who write the operating system!


Simtec Electronics - everything hardware

Si-Plan Electronics - control and data gathering systems for RISC OS based computers

David Snell - author of ProCAD+

Softease - authors of TextEase wordprocessor and database apps.

Softrock Software - authors of WebChange2

Squirrel Solutions - software with a communications theme like Netmail

StrongArm Systems - write RISC OS software mainly in the area of congnitive rehabilitation

Stuart Tyrrell Developments - joystick and mice specialist

Surftec - Networking experts and authors of DigiFlash Flashcard readers




Visions of The Impossible - authors of SunBurst, a space trading game


Wardlaw Surveys - civil engineers and authors of Digital Area Analysis

Warm Silence Software - emulators, printer spoolers, network software, Java virtual machines, programming tools and lots more.

Windfall Engineering - producers of the ViewFinder RiscPC graphics accelerator card


X-Ample Technology - producers of specialist RISC OS solutions like auto-cue systems

Xavier Software - educational and special needs software


Yellowstone Electronic Solutions - TV Cards, IDE interfaces, PC Cards etc


Zenta Multimedia - suppliers of clipart and fonts

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